Getting to writing and posting again

As I work and travel less- or is it more?- I will be able to get back to something I love doing, which is writing and posting to a blog. I look forward to sharing in this space some of my observations on my work, and on some good experiences I have had around DC in terms of recreation and call-outs to vendors that do good work.

We have been working on some home renovation projects at the house, and this has been quite an experience. We’ve learned a lot, and I’m really looking forward to writing about that stuff here. Also, the kids have started taking music lessons and sports after school: they love both activities, so I’ll be blogging a little on that too.

There is something about Washington, DC in the springtime – before it gets really hot and humid, you can walk outside and enjoy gorgeous evenings – kind of like the one last night- and bask in the comfort this time of year brings.

More soon! For now, I’ve been inspired by this article on water heater repairs, because we may need some work done!